Departments and Institute

Department of Administrative, Planning, Accounting and coopration

  1. Administrative and Personnel office
  2. Accounting office
  3. Planning and statistic office
  4. Cooperation office
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation office

Department of Animal Health and Production

  1. Livestock development office
  2. Animal Production Feed Management office
  3. Animal breed and Genetic office
  4. Animal waste management office
  5. Animal Farming Management office

Department of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health

  1. Veterinary Hygiene control office
  2. Veterinary Products office
  3. Surveillance Monitoring and disease control office
  4. Animal Clinical Management office
  5. Slaughterhouse and Processing office
  6. Surveillance Monitoring and Zoonosis disease control office

Department of Technical Extension and Legislation

  1. Technical Extension office
  2. Community Development office
  3. Legislation and problem solved office
  4. Animal Feed and Drugs office
  5. Research and Auditing office

National research of Animal Health and Production Institute

  1. Epidemiology and data analysis office
  2. Animal Genetic Laboratory
  3. Veterinary drugs and waste drugs laboratory
  4. Animal Feed Quality Laboratory
  5. Virology laboratory
  6. Bacteriology and Microbiology Laboratory
  7. Parasitology Laboratory
  8. Pathology Laboratory
  9. Biochemistry and Toxicology Laboratory
  10. Research station of Animal Health and Production